MBS Real Studio Plugins 9.7 - 27th October 2009

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added new CUPS plugin part.
  • Added new DotMacKit plugin part.
  • Added new DNSUtilMBS module and 23 new classes.
  • Added CompressBZip2MBS and DecompressBZip2MBS functions.
  • Added BZip2CompressMBS, BZip2DecompressMBS and BZip2FileMBS classes.
  • Added NSDistributedNotificationCenterMBS, NSNotificationCenterMBS, NSNotificationMBS and NSNotificationObserverMBS.
  • Added NSTaskMBS class.
  • Added NSPipeMBS class.
  • Added NSFileHandleMBS class.
  • Added NSRunningApplicationMBS class.
  • Added BevelButton.NSButtonMBS.
  • Added CheckBox.NSButtonMBS.
  • Added Control.NSViewMBS.
  • Added DisclosureTriangle.NSButtonMBS.
  • Added PopupMenu.NSButtonMBS.
  • Added ProgressBar.NSProgressIndicatorMBS.
  • Added PushButton.NSButtonMBS.
  • Added RadioButton.NSButtonMBS.
  • Added ScrollBar.NSScrollerMBS.
  • Added Slider.NSSliderMBS.
  • Added TextArea.NSScrollViewMBS.
  • Added NSURLCacheMBS class.
  • Added CopyObjectSync, MoveObjectSync and MoveObjectToTrashSync to MacFileOperationMBS class.
  • Added NSViewMBS.className.
  • Added LCMSMBS.ErrorAction.
  • Added back NSViewMBS frameLeft, frameTop, frameWidth and frameHeight.
  • Added picture.ExtractColorRectangleMaskMBS.
  • Added picture.InvertGrayMBS.
  • Added FolderItem.ParentVolumeMBS.
  • Added new properties to DynapdfPDFAnnotationExMBS.
  • Added addition InsertPicture method to DynaPDF which takes a mask.
  • Added CombineMBS and CombinePixelMBS to picture class.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Fixed a bug with plugin registration for the Font plugin part inside the MacOSX plugin.
  • Some properties in the CoreImage classes are now real properties so you see them in the debugger.
  • Fixed array handling in CreateCalibratedGray, CreateCalibratedRGB and CreateLab in CGColorSpaceMBS class.
  • Optimized encoding handling which makes plugins smaller and faster. Saves 140K.
  • RamStreamMBS class is now console safe.
  • All Cocoa classes can have a description function returning a text description for that NSObject. Not always useful, but a few classes will get it.
  • SleepNotification Sleep event now uses int64 for the parameter.
  • MidiPlaybackMBS now works on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Fixed a memory leak in QTCaptureDecompressedVideoOutputMBS.
  • Changed a lot of function which return NSImageMBS objects to use less memory.
  • Fixed a few retain/release bugs in the Cocoa plugin code.
  • Fixed NSViewMBS.window.
  • Fixed NSViewMBS.frame and .bounds.
  • Fixed the sheet for printing a htmlviewer content. Now it works again with sheets. Not just with dialog. (Sheets are more difficult as they run asynchronously)
  • CGDisplayMBS once again uses handle=0 for the main display.
  • DynaPDF now supports Font Suitcases again.
  • DynaPDF now handles file annotations better.
  • LCMS does no longer shows error messages.
  • Fixed an endless loop in DecodingFromQuotedPrintableMBS.
  • Fixed a bug in the NSImageMBS destructor.
  • Fixed a bug with using CFCharacterSetMBS class.
  • Fixed a missing retain bugs in CoreImage plugin part.
  • Fixed bug in CDAxisMBS.setDateScale and CDAxisMBS.SetLogScale.
  • Fixed a few bugs in PDFLib7MBS class.
  • You can now create a wrapper NSWindowMBS object for a REALbasic window.

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