Release notes for MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin

24.2 - 14th May 2024

  • Updated to Xcode 15.3.

24.1 - 12th March 2024

  • Improved documentation to better list constants. More in table views now.
  • Improved linking of linux libraries to do more stripping of unused code to save 33 MB in total.

24.0 - 16th January 2024

  • Updated to Xcode 15.2.
  • Updated Visual Studio to version 2022.
  • Improvements for Xojo 2023r4.

MBS Xojo Plugins 23.5 - 7th November 2023

MBS Xojo Plugins 23.4 - 12th September 2023

  • Updated ChartDirector to version 7.1.
  • Updated Plugin SDK to version 2023r2.

MBS Xojo Plugins 23.1 - 7th March 2023

  • Removed 32-bit plugin parts for macOS. We now require Xojo 2017r3 or newer to load plugins on macOS.

MBS Xojo Plugins 23.0 - 17th January 2023

  • Added Linux 64-bit ARM plugins.

MBS Xojo Plugins 22.5 - 8th November 2022

  • Updated Xcode to version 14.0.1.

MBS Xojo Plugins 22.4 - 6th September 2022

  • Fixed file path handling bug for Windows ARM affecting various functions.
  • Fixed picture and graphics handling bug for Windows ARM.

MBS Xojo Plugins 22.1 - 15th March 2022

  • Updated Xcode to version 13.2.1.

MBS Xojo Plugins 21.5 - 16th November 2021

  • Updated plugin SDK for Xojo 2021r3.
  • Updated Xcode to version 13.1.

MBS Xojo Plugins 21.4 - 7th September 2021

  • Added thread pooling for Windows to be used for multi threaded methods.

MBS Xojo Plugins 21.3 - 12th July 2021

  • Fixed a crash with ChartDirector rendering some texts on Apple M1 with small font.
  • Updated Xcode to version 12.5.1.

MBS Xojo Plugins 21.2 - 18th May 2021

MBS Xojo Plugins 21.1 - 9th March 2021

  • Updated to Xcode 12.4.

MBS Xojo Plugins 21.0 - 19th January 2021

  • Added plugins for iOS and Apple Silicon.
  • Fixed ChartDirector to not need Visual Studio 2019 runtime libraries.
  • Reduced usage of deprecated SDK functions.
  • Updated to Xcode 12.3.

MBS Xojo Plugins 20.5 - 17th November 2020

  • Fixed a bug in ChartDirector with a failed assertion on quitting the app on Windows.
  • Please note that ChartDirector plugin part need VS 2019 runtime.
  • Reduced usage of deprecated SDK functions.
  • Updated to newer plugin SDK.

MBS Xojo Plugins 20.4 - 15th September 2020

  • Fixed addZone method in CDAngularMeterMBS class to scale properly.
  • Updated to Xcode 10.6.
  • Upgraded Visual Studio from 2008 to 2019 and rebuild everything. See blog post.

MBS Xojo Plugins 20.3 - 21st July 2020

  • Fixed setDefaultColors, setTransparentColors and setWhiteOnBlackColors for CDBaseChartMBS to work in 64-bit applications.
  • All MBS Xojo Plugins compile for Apple Silicon, so we are ready.
  • Upgraded examples to use 64-bit targets. This was made automatically to enable 64-bit targets, HiDPI and dark mode for all projects. Thanks to Arbed!

MBS Xojo Plugins 20.2 - 12th May 2020

  • Updated plugin SDK to version for Xojo 2020r1

MBS Xojo Plugins 20.0 - 14th January 2020

  • Fixed last examples so now all work in Xojo 2019r1 and newer.
  • Updated Xcode to version 11.3.

MBS Xojo Plugins 19.5 - 12th November 2019

  • Updated plugin SDK to version from Xojo 2019r2.

MBS Xojo Plugins 19.4 - 17th September 2019

  • Updated ChartDirector to a newer version which loads fonts on MacOS Catalina.
  • Improvements for Xojo 2019r2.

MBS Xojo Plugins 19.1 - 12th March 2019

  • Fixed crash with CDBaseChartMBS.addExtraField function.
  • Fixed problem with loading GTK for Linux ARM.
  • Updated to Xcode 10.2.

MBS Xojo Plugins 19.0 - 22nd January 2019

  • Added links to blog articles from help.
  • Changed Linux compile to include function names for stack traces.
  • The MBS Plugin for Real Studio will be build on demand only.

MBS Xojo Plugins 18.5 - 27th November 2018

  • Updated ChartDirector to version 6.3.
  • Added setResource methods to CDDrawAreaMBS and CDBaseChartMBS classes.
  • Changed CDBaseChartMBS.MakeChartPicture to set resolution of picture to ScaleFactor * 72 dpi.
  • Fixed bug in CDPieChartMBS class and setExplode method with HiDPI.
  • Updated ChartDirector control examples.
  • Bugfixes in ChartDirector 6.3:
    • In contour and surface charts, the color axis is not drawn correctly if smooth coloring is and the number of ticks on the color axis are significantly less than the number color stops. For example, there are only 2 ticks, the color axis will draw itself by using a smooth gradient to vary colors between the two ticks, ignoring the other color stops in between.
    • In contour and surface charts, if the color axis is of logarithmic scale, and smooth coloring is used, the colors are still interpolated using linear scale. As a result, the coloring may look good.
    • For the color axis, if auto-scaling is used, the setColorScale always results in linear scale, even if setLogScale has already been called for the color axis.
    • Vector layer crashes if setArrowHead(0) is called.
    • In a vector layer, the setLineWidth has no effect if setArrowStem is used.
    • In a vector layer, the stem is visible even if the line width is 0.
    • In a vector chart, the legend icon disappear if the head size is 0 (that is, the vector chart shows stems).
    • In a vector chart, the image map is not natural if the stem width is thicker than the arrow head.
    • FinanceChart can produce too many x-axis labels in some cases.
    • ChartDirector can crash if the SurfaceChart has no data
    • DrawArea.setOutputOptions has no effect for SVG.
    • ArrowShape does not work in CDML <*IMG*>.
  • Rebuild with Xcode 10. Minimum MacOS version is now 10.9.
  • Updated to Xcode 10.1.

MBS Xojo Plugins 18.3 - 17th July 2018

  • Updated plugin SDK for 2018r2.

MBS Xojo Plugins 18.2 - 22nd May 2018

  • Updated to Xojo 2018r1 plugin SDK.
  • Fixed problem with CDPolarChartMBS.radialAxis freed too often.

MBS Xojo Plugins 18.1 - 6th March 2018

MBS Xojo Plugins 18.0 - 23rd January 2018

  • Fixed bug in Picture handling for setting alpha channel for Cocoa picture.
  • Fixed an issue with exception handling on 64-bit Linux introduced in 17.3.
  • Fixed problem with loading cairo library on Linux for Ubuntu 17.4.

MBS Xojo Plugins 17.5 - 28th November 2017

MBS Xojo Plugins 17.4 - 26th September 2017

  • Changed Linux plugins to include build number in SONAME field so OS can distinguish different versions better.
  • Updated all GTK code to dynamically load GTK+ 3 for Xojo 2017r2 and GTK+ 2 for older versions.

MBS Xojo Plugins 17.3 - 18th July 2017

  • Fixed CDAxisMBS.getThickness to respect scale factor.
  • Disabled linux version script linker option.

MBS Xojo Plugins 17.2 - 15th May 2017

  • Removed PPC code.

MBS Xojo Plugins 17.1 - 14th March 2017

MBS Xojo Plugins 17.0 - 23rd January 2017

  • Fixed ChartDirector examples to not flicker.
  • Changed plugin file names to include name of plugin and name of part.
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