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Cocoa classes: AppleRemote, StatusItem, HTMLViewer extensions (WebKit), SpeechSynthesizer and SpeechRecognizer, Save/OpenPanel, DiscRecording, InstantMessageing (iChat), PDFKit, SpellChecking and Addressbook.

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This plugin part is included if you buy a Complete set license.

The Cocoa plugin is so big, that we split it in four parts: Cocoa, CocoaBase, CocoaControls and CocoaExtras.


Watch tutorial videos:

ThumbnailSparkle with Cocoa

Example project source code
SparkleCocoa projects
(Mac OS X)

25:32 minutes
ThumbnailNSStatusItem Fix

Example project source code
NSStatusItemFix project file
(Mac OS X)

7:12 minutes

Example project source code
NSStatusItem project file
(Mac OS X)

15:18 minutes

Example project source code
NSColorPanel project file
(Mac OS X)

6:51 minutes

Example project source code
DiscRecording project file
(Mac OS X)

12:01 minutes

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