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Classes for reading and writing Excel files without Microsoft Excel.

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You can order a license here: Order

This plugin part is included if you buy a Complete set license.

The MBS Real Studio XL Plugin is based on LibXL, a powerful library to handle Excel files.

You can test the plugin without a LibXL license. Once you ordered your license and got a key, you use it with the SetKey method in the XLBookMBS class.

Demo Mode: Unless you have a LibXL license, the plugin will write banner in first row of each spreadsheet and it will be able to read only 100 cells (first row is unavailable).

Order LibXL License for MBS Plugin

Please order LibXL licenses for the platforms you use in addition to MBS Plugin license.

Library for Excel functions Price Euro Price USD
LibXL macOS 199 € about $239 Order Update
LibXL Windows 199 € about $239 Order Update
LibXL Linux 199 € about $239 Order Update
LibXL iOS 199 € about $239 Order Update
LibXL Enterprise 1099 € about $1399 Order Update
LibXL Enterprise + Source 2499 € about $2999 Order Update

The enterprise license covers:

  • Multiple developers.
  • Multiple server license.
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS platforms.
  • Priority technical support by LibXL support team.

Direct reading and writing Excel files

LibXL is a library that can read and write Excel files. It doesn't require Microsoft Excel and .NET framework, combines an easy to use and powerful features. Library can be used to

  • Generate a new spreadsheet from scratch
  • Extract data from an existing spreadsheet
  • Edit an existing spreadsheet
LibXL can help your applications in exporting and extracting data to/from Excel files with minimum effort. Also it can be used as report engine. Library can be used in Xojo, FileMaker, C, C++, C#, Delphi, Fortran and other languages. Supports Excel 97-2003 binary formats (xls) and Excel 2007-2016 xml formats (xlsx/xlsm). Supports Unicode and 32/64-bit platforms. There are a wrapper for .NET developers and separate Linux, Mac and iOS editions. See features of the library in demo.xls or demo.xlsx files.

Simple interoperate, no more Excel dependency

LibXL has C/C++ headers, Delphi unit and .NET assembly for including in your project. No OLE automation.

Customizing the look and feel

LibXL supports numerous formatting options: alignments, borders, colors, fill patterns, fonts, merging cells and so on. alignments, borders, colors, fonts.

Sample Styles

High performance

Writing speed is about 2 100 000 cells per second for numbers and 240 000 cells per second for 8-character random strings in binary xls format (CPU 3.2 GHz).

Royalty-free distribution with your application

Our customers can use this library in their commercial applications without any additional fees.

Watch tutorial videos:

ThumbnailWriting Excel file without Excel

Example project source code
WriteInvoice project files
(Mac OS X, Windows and Linux)

7:56 minutes

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