Apple MapView In Xojo

Stefanie presents how to use maps in your Xojo application on macOS and iOS with MBS Plugins.

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0:00 	Welcome 
1:01 	What can you do with MapView 
6:10 	Insert a MapView into your App 
7:34 	Map types 
9:36 	Properties for Map displaying
11:26 	Snapshot 
16:27	Find an address
17:48 	Determine your own Location
29:52 	Planing a Route
53:21 	Perimeter around own Location 
57:25 	Ending

See also MapKitViewControlMBS, MapKitIOSControlMBS and DesktopMapKitViewControlMBS controls in our documentation.

You need MBS Xojo MacFrameworks Plugin for these controls and with dependencies also MacBase, Main, MacCG, MacCF and MacCocoa parts installed.

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