MBS Products 2017

Presentation from London conference about MBS Plugins.

An overview over all the plugins and kits, what is new in 2017.

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00:00 Introduction
01:38 QuickLook Plugin
02:21 64-bit support
03:55 BigNumberMBS class
05:14 TouchBar support with NSTouchBarMBS class
06:00 Raspberry Pi support. RaspberryPiCameraMBS class in MBS Xojo Linux Plugin.
06:58 LAContextMBS class
08:05 DynaPDFMBS class with Optimize function in MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin.
12:08 DirectorySizeMBS and ExtendedAttributesMBS classes
13:15 LargeBinaryStreamMBS, WindowsProcessMBS and Chromium classes, TextArea.WinSelSubScriptMBS
17:28 WindowsFontDialogMBS, WindowsPropertiesMBS and Window.SetWindowFeedbackSettingMBS.
18:07 Windows user notifications: WinUserNotificationCenterMBS and WinUserNotificationMBS class
18:35 SQLValueMBS, SQLite3MBS.
21:43 CURLSMBS class
22:48 CURLNMBS class
25:08 WKWebViewControlMBS control
27:10 WordFileMBS
28:12 NSTableControlMBS, NSOutlineControlMBS
29:10 X509MBS, PKeyMBS and TwofishMBS classes.
29:55 JPEGMovieMBS class
31:03 NetSNMPMBS class
31:26 MBS Xojo Network Kit
34:50 MBS Xojo Audio Player Kit
35:38 MBS Xojo UDP Socket Kit
36:30 MBS Xojo AddressBook Kit
37:09 MBS Xojo Encryption Kit
38:33 Questions?

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