MBS Plugin Keynote 2018

Presentation from Munich conference about MBS Plugins.

An overview over all the plugins and what is new in 2018.

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00:00 Introduction
01:08 Xojo Versions
04:50 WindowsFontDialogMBS class
05:04 WindowsGUIResourcesMBS class
05:25 TextArea with spell checking: WinSpellcheckingMBS
05:38 InitMessageFilterMBS function
05:54 Windows Touch Events: WinPointerEventsMBS and WinGestureConfigMBS classes
06:20 WindowsDeviceModeMBS, WindowsClipboardMBS, WindowsDisplayMBS and WindowsPropertiesMBS classes.
07:18 MBS Xojo XL Plugin
08:05 SoundFileMBS class
08:39 TagLibTagMBS class
08:55 MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin with DynaPDFMBS class.
10:59 MBS Xojo CURL Plugin with CURLSMimePartMBS class.
12:19 For Mac: CanvasGesturesMBS, NSURLConnectionFilterMBS, MapKit and SFPasswordAssistantMBS classes.
13:06 CoreML classes
14:08 AVFoundation classes: AVTimeCodeMBS, AVCaptureViewControlMBS and AVPlayerViewControlMBS.
14:57 CIDetectorMBS with barcode: CIFilterBarcodeGeneratorMBS, CIFilterCode128BarcodeGeneratorMBS, CIFilterPDF417BarcodeGeneratorMBS and CIFilterQRCodeGeneratorMBS classes.
15:40 WKWebViewControlMBS
16:33 In-App-Purchases
16:44 RawSocketMBS and NetSNMPMBS classes
17:15 Linux and Raspberry Pi
17:39 WordFileMBS class
17:39 SSH2TunnelMBS class
18:37 MBS Xojo SQL Plugin, SQLDatabaseMBS and SQLConnectionMBS classes.
20:10 Clipper with ClipperEngineMBS class
20:32 PictureMBS class
21:06 LibUSB with LibUSBDeviceMBS class
21:49 MBS Xojo Bluetooth Plugin
22:04 SplitCommaSeparatedValuesMBS, MountMBS, MountPathMBS and NetFSMountMBS
23:25 SceneKit classes

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The biggest plugin in space...

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