XDC 2020 MBS Plugins Presentation

Christian Schmitz presents what is new in MBS Xojo Plugins since the last conference and what is coming soon.

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3:15WKWebViewControlMBS control
4:35Continuity Camera, see ContinuityCameraMBS class
6:25LDAP & Active Directory
7:25CopyFileMBS class
8:20Vision Framework
9:10TagLib, see TagLibTagMBS class
9:40LZ4 Compression
10:25Java support
12:15WindowsPipeMBS class
13:15JavaScriptEngineMBS class
16:35Windows Media Foundation Player, see MFPMediaPlayerMBS class
17:30ImageMagick 7
18:40LGLMBS and LMFitMBS
19:25HTMLViewer for Windows
21:25Airplay, see AVRouteDetectorMBS, AVRoutePickerViewControlMBS and AVPlayerMBS.
22:55Windows File Dialogs, see WinFileSaveDialogMBS and WinFileOpenDialogMBS classes.
24:35MBS Xojo SQL Plugin improvements
26:15Barcodes, see BarcodeGeneratorMBS class
27:05MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin news
28:00MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin improvements
29:40Changes and removals
31:10SceneKit improvements, see SCNPhysicsWorldMBS and SCNHitTestResultMBS classes.
32:50Photos Framework, see PHPhotoLibraryMBS class
35:30RFC Interface for SAP

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