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Our SQLite Extension gives you:

Check out function list. If you need something new, send us an email.

New in Version 1.4, released 24th March 2015

New in Version 1.3, released 3rd December 2014

New in Version 1.2, released 10th July 2013


Our SQLite Extension supports Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can use it

For Cube SQL, REAL Server and SQLiteManager you install our library into the Plugins folder.
Please note: Cube SQL is the successor of REAL Server.

Download the MBS SQLite Extension

Mac Mac OS X


( 2.8M )

Windows Windows

( 2.7M )

Linux Linux

( 2.7M )

Alpha and Beta releases


ThumbnailSQLite Extension Install Xojo

Example project source code
SQLite Extension Install Xojo project
(Mac OS X, Linux and Windows)

3:58 minutes
ThumbnailSQLite Extension Install SQLManager

(Mac OS X and Windows)

1:29 minutes

Price and license

A license costs 99 Euro per developer. We do not count your server or application installations.

You can order using our Order pages

MBS Xojo tutorial videos