MBS Real Studio Bug Reporter Kit 1.1

The MBS Real Studio Bug Reporter Kit helps you reporting bugs in your applications back to you, the developer..

  1. Collect bug reporter data and send to server for delivery as email (or insert to database)
  2. Handle unhandled exceptions. The plugin reports the exception class name and message.
  3. Find Mac OS X crash reports and report them.
  4. Run bug reporter for feature request.
  5. Catch Windows System Exceptions.
  6. Catch Signals on Mac OS X and Linux.
  7. Catch unhandled C++ exceptions. Our plugins can catch this C++ exceptions on Mac OS X and Linux, but not on Windows. There is a feedback report about REAL Studio not capturing C++ exceptions if the runtime allocates memory: 12072
  8. Catches Cocoa Exceptions
  9. Localized for English, German and Italian.
  10. Full Source code access.

Note to 5-8: If those exceptions are not handled, your application crashes. We try to show a bug reporter dialog before that and terminate the application after the dialog is done.




( 206K )

Mac Mac OS X


( 4.6M )

Windows Windows


( 1.8M )


The Bug Reporter dialog on Mac:

The Bug Reporter dialog on Windows, second tab:


MBS Real Studio Plugins Licenses: Util, MacOSX, Cocoa and Win parts.

Real Studio 2008 or newer (maybe work with older versions, but not tested)

No Open Source projects, please. This would violate the license.


49 € (+VAT inside EU if needed).

Version history

Version 1.1

Version 1.0


Limited product support is offered for free. Custom contract development to help you integrating our kit or making improvements for you can be ordered.

Updates to the kit will be available regularly to all registered users.

If you have questions, please contact us. See contact page or use our feedback form.


You receive the full Real Studio source codes of all projects for use in your applications. You are not allowed to share your copy of the kit with other developers.

Full license text is includes in the kit manual.


If you like to get information or you want to order this product, please contact us. See contact page or use our feedback form. Orders can be directly made from our order pages.

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