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You have questions? Need a training? Want to meet other developers at an event?

We offer various trainings for Xojo (Real Studio).

Host: MBS
Language: Training is in German
More details on German page.

MBS Xojo Developer Conference and Training in Koblenz, Germany

Join us in Koblenz, Germany for our great Xojo (Real Studio) conference:

17th September 9:00Xojo Training in GermanDevelopment of an application for desktop, console, web and iOS.
18th September 9:00Xojo Conference DayFirst day.
18th September19:00Dinner eventEhrenbreitstein Fortress
19th September 9:00Xojo Conference DaySecond day.
20th September 9:00Xojo Training in EnglishDevelopment of an application for desktop, console, web and iOS.

For dinner in the evening on all days, please join us for casual get-together and meet other participants.

More details about Training and Conference.

Personal Training

You have a couple of questions related to development in Xojo (Real Studio)? Problems with a project? You want to learn some best practices in development? Or a few new things you never tried before?

Get started in databases? Learn how to use graphics, xml or sockets? Or some advanced language features like delegates, declares, extends, variants, interfaces or operators?

Please ask us for your training day and prepare a list of questions or topics so we can plan your training.

Location: Your office, our office or some other place like a hotel.
Language: German or English.
Requirements: Computer with Xojo (Real Studio).
Cost: 699 € per day. Add travel, hotel and VAT if needed. Add 100 € for each extra trainee.
Please call us for a detailed quote.

If you visit us in our office for the training, we'll gladly find you a hotel room nearby.

Personal Remote Training

The personal training above is also available via video chat.

Perfect for some urgent problems or quick questions.

You share your screen with Teamviewer or Skype so our trainer can see your screen and control mouse and keyboard if needed.

Location: anywhere.
Language: German or English.
Time: During office hours in Germany.
Cost: 99 € per hour, 249 € for 3 hours. Only one trainee.

Please note that quality of video and audio may be limited due internet connection.

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