MBS Real Studio Plugins 12.0 - 17th January 2012

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added FilesMBS, FoldersMBS, ItemsMBS, TrueFilesMBS, TrueFoldersMBS and TrueItemsMBS to FolderItem class.
  • Added more methods for NSAttributedStringMBS and NSMutableAttributedStringMBS to handling attributes.
  • Added currentChart and mainChart functions to CDFinanceChartMBS.
  • Added scrollWheel event to CustomQTMovieViewMBS, CustomQTCaptureViewMBS, CustomNSViewMBS and CustomPDFViewMBS classes.
  • Added more NSFontManagerMBS methods.
  • Added ABAddressBookMBS.EnableEvent method.
  • Added CGPDFContextMBS class.
  • Added NSPathComponentCellMBS class.
  • Added more methods for LCMS2StageMBS class.
  • Added NSPathControlMBS class.
  • Added NSBitmapImageRepMBS, NSPICTImageRepMBS, NSPDFImageRepMBS and NSEPSImageRepMBS classes.
  • Added LCMS2CIECAM02MBS class.
  • Added new events for NSTableViewMBS class.
  • Added HTMLViewer.IEReloadMBS.
  • Added tableView property to NSTableColumnMBS and NSTableHeaderViewMBS classes
  • Added LCMS2CurveSegmentMBS, LCMS2Mat3MBS, LCMS2UcrBgMBS and LCMS2Vec3MBS classes.
  • Added more methods to LCMS2ProfileMBS class.
  • Added LCMS2ToneCurveMBS class.
  • Added RemoveAccentsMBS function.
  • Added Target constant to MBS module.
  • Added WindowsDirectoryWatcherMBS class.
  • Added Picture.ColornessMBS function.
  • Added alpha parameter to DrawRotatedTextMBS function for Mac.
  • Added ABAddressBookMBS.sharedAddressbook for quicker access to the addressbook.
  • Added ABRecordMBS DisplayName so you can easily display the name of a person or group.
  • Added CancelAsyncCall and ExecNotificationQueryAsync methods to WindowsWMIMBS class.
  • Added WMIObjectMBS class.
  • Added DynaPDFMBS.FileLink with string parameter, so you can pass relative paths as string.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated DynaPDF 2.x plugin to version
  • Updated PortAudio library to current version: v19 20111121
  • Updated LCMS2 to LCMS 2.3.
  • ExitWindowsMBS now queries for shutdown privilege.
  • Removed OptionProxyUserPassword and OptionUserPassword from CURLMBS/CURLSMBS classes. Please use other properties.
  • Removed OpenEditableMovieHandleMBS function as it does not work.
  • Picture functions can now read pixels again from old PicHandle, CICN or IconSuite pictures.
  • CoreAudio plugin classes are now console safe: CoreAudioPlayerMBS, CoreAudioMBS and QTSoundStreamMBS.
  • MirrorPictureMBS, VMirrorPictureMBS and HMirrorPictureMBS now work on Linux.
  • Changed linux compile settings so we are now more compatible to older glibc versions. Especially dynapdf does no longer need glibc 2.7 or 2.11 so it works on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
  • ABAddressbookMBS class uses again shard addressbook instance, so we get all the events correctly.
  • Deprecated PresskeyMBS and KeyCodesMBS classes. Please use RemoteControlMBS module.
  • Internal conversion of Variant to CFTypeRef now supports CGRectMBS/CGPointMBS/CGSizeMBS to CFDataRef and conversion of arrays.
  • Improved IconFamilyMBS class to work on Cocoa target.
  • Improved GZipFileMBS functions with compress to string or decompress from string.
  • Fixed bug in AESMBS.DecryptCFB which gave wrong results if input and output memoryblocks are the same. Now works well in that case.
  • Fixed PhidgetGPSMBS.PositionChanged event.
  • Fixed bug with Picture.Rotate90MBS and RotateMBS with 90 degree rotation.
  • Fixed bug with CGSizeMBS.Constructor.
  • Fixed bug with AutoLevelCopyMBS.
  • Fixed bug with ScaleImageAndMaskMBS and ScaleMBS functions in picture class.
  • Fixed OpenAsEditableMovieMBS so you don't get nil object exception.
  • Fixed bug with XLBookMBS functions Sheets, Fonts and Formats. The arrays now contain the right things.
  • Fixed Audio plugin, so PortAudio classes find devices again.
  • Fixed bug in Picture.ScaleMBS.
  • Fixed bug with picture reading on console targets.
  • Fixed bug with console/web picture creation.
  • Fixed bug with DynaPDFMBS.FileLink function and added example project.
  • Fixed bugs in RegExMBS.ReplaceAll for the case where new text is empty.
  • Fixed a bug in plugin UTF8 string handling which affected RegEx, DynaPDF, XL, GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick plugins.

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