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Table Functions
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SI32 tblAddRows(
const ITBL* Table, // Table pointer
UI32 Count,
// Number of rows to be added
float Height)
// Minimum height or -1 for default height
The functions adds new rows to the table. The parameter Height can be set to a negative value to
indicate that the default row height should be used. The default row height was specified in
The specified height represents the minumum height of each row. If the height of a foreground
object is larger, then the row height will be adjusted.
The height is sometimes required. This is the case if a cell is rotated by 90 or a multiple of 90 degrees
and if the height cannot be computed from the cell contents, e.g. if a cell contains text and if the flag
tfNoLineBreak is absent. See SetCellOrientation() for further information.
Return values:
If the function succeeds, the return value is new number of rows in the table. If the function fails, the
return value is a negative error code.
void tblClearColumn(
const ITBL* Table,
// Table pointer
UI32 Col,
// Column index
TDeleteContent Types) // See ClearContent()
The function deletes the content in the specified column in all rows. The parameter Types is described
in ClearContent() below.
void tblClearContent(
const ITBL* Table,
// Table pointer
TDeleteContent Types) // See below
typedef enum
= 0x00000001, // Text is always a foreground object
= 0x00000002, // Images
= 0x00000004, // Templates
= 0x00000008, // Sub tables are always foreground objects
= 0x0000001F, // Delete all content types
// Required additional flag
dcForeGround = 0x10000000, // Only foreground objects?
dcBackGround = 0x20000000, // Only background objects?

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