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for Copy & Paste operations you cannot assume that the conversion to
Unicode is always possible.
The number of kerning records. RawKern and Kerning contain always the
same number of records.
The text width measured in text space. This is the width of the entire
kerning array incl. kerning space.
A pointer to the font object used to print the text. The most important
properties of the font can be returned with GetFont().
If true, the font is embedded. This information is very important if the text
should be replaced. The function ReplacePageText() can be used if the font
is not embedded and if the member CIDFont is false. Otherwise, the
function ReplacePageTextEx() or WriteTextMatrixEx() must be used to
replace the text, see the examples on the following pages for further
The space width can be used to determine whether a space character is
emulated at a given position. A default space width is set if the font does not
contain a space character. Note that many documents emulate spaces with
kerning space. Such documents contain usually no space character. It is
usually best to use the half space width to determine whether a space
character is emulated. This is especially important if a document uses
condensed fonts which contain no space character.
If true (default), all colors are converted to the destination color space
DestSpace. The default color space is DeviceRGB. This variable can be
changed after the structure has been initialized with InitStack(). If set to false,
colors of complex color spaces are still converted into the alternate color
space but the color space can then be changed arbitrary often. See also the
description of FillCS.
The destination color space in which all colors should be converted. If
ConvColor is set to false, the value of this member is ignored. If the
destination color space should be DeviceCMYK initialize the members
FillColor and StrokeColor with PDF_CMYK(0,0,0,255); which represents
This member can be used in combination with ReplacePageText().
ReplacePageText() deletes or replaces normally always a complete text
record but this is often not required especially if a text must be deleted or

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