MBS Real Studio Plugins 9.5 - 11th August 2009

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Fixed a memory leak in FolderItem.QuickLookMBS.
  • Added IEPrintMBS, IEImageMBS, IEScrollWidthMBS and IEScrollHeightMBS for the HTMLViewer.
  • Added RegistrationEngineMBS class.
  • Added SQLite3MBS class.
  • Added SQLAPIMBS class.
  • Massive performance improvements on SQL Plugin. Try benchmark application.
  • Added Windows support for GraphicsMagick.
  • Updated GraphicsMagick to version 1.3.6.
  • Sparkle classes now better check on the framework they load to avoid crashes if the wrong framework was loaded (e.g. you pass the wrong framework folderitem).
  • Fixed a few bugs in PictureMBS.Rotate.
  • Fixed a bug in PictureMBS where mapped pictures had valid=true but where not valid because of low memory.
  • Fixed TransparencyMBS to work again on Windows.
  • Added parameter to use alpha channel to PictureMBS.Constructor with picture parameter.
  • Plugins compile again for Console applications.
  • Fixed AESMBS CBF encryption again.
  • Added WindowsFlags parameter to folderitem Icon*MBS functions.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added MBS module with version constants.
  • The message parameter in the CGPSConverterMBS.Message event is now a string instead of a CFStringMBS object.
  • Updated CoreGraphics classes: CGPDF*MBS, CGDataProviderMBS, CGDataConsumerMBS, CGColorMBS, CGColorSpaceMBS, CGPointMBS, CGSizeMBS and CGRectMBS. Removed some global methods and made them shared methods.
  • Improved NSDictionary/CFDictionaryRef to and from Dictionary conversion. The FAQ has now a list of data types support.
  • Added CGImageSourceMBS class.
  • Added CGImageDestinationMBS class.
  • Added CGImageMBS.Picture.
  • Fixed bug in AES CFB encryption. The old functions now have the suffix Old and the corrected once have no suffix. Please check your code!
  • Fixed NSSpeechSynthesizerMBS to work again.
  • Added DNSLookupThreadMBS class.
  • Improved OCR recognition.
  • Added NSSoundMBS.availableSounds.
  • Added PictureCombineMBS and Picture.CombineMBS methods with premultiply parameter.
  • Added GetVideoTrackMBS, GetSoundTrackMBS and GetTextTrackMBS.
  • Fixed MemoryblockRGBAtoPictureMBS.
  • Fixed TIFF, JPEG, GIF and PNG plugins to use unicode file pathes on Windows.
  • Added OCR classes.
  • Fixed leak in CGPictureContextMBS class.
  • QTFrameExtractorMBS.position* properties are not setable.
  • Added code to DisplayMBS class to handle more than one display on Windows.
  • Added QTTrackMBS.MediaSampleCount function.
  • Added QTTrackMBS.GetMediaSample function.
  • movie.AddTextTrackMBS now handles unicode text.
  • QTChapterTrackMBS.ChapterText() now handles unicode text better.
  • Added new QTFrameExtractorMBS class.
  • Fixed QTSoundSampleDescriptionMBS to work with more than 48 KHz.

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