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iOS specific classes like Photos picker, Google Ads or document browser.

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  • MBS Main Plugin
  • MBS MacBase Plugin

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Document Camera Scan functions for Xojo on iOS

We just added VNDocumentCameraViewControllerMBS class for use with Xojo in iOS target to scan documents right with the camera and getting them as picture:

Just create an object of type VNDocumentCameraViewControllerMBS when needed and call Present method. In the events you get told whether user cancelled, scanned a new pictures or got an error. Use VNDocumentCameraScanMBS class to retrieve the results.

See ContinuityCameraMBS for use of iOS camera for MacOS.

Google Admob for Xojo

For next plugins we add classes for Google Admob service, so you can earn money in your iOS applications. By using our classes, you can enter your application ID (to info.plist file) and the ad unit IDs to the various ads you like to show:
The plugin already includes the basic classes to do various ads in your iOS Xojo app. The test project includes sample ad unit IDs, so you see test ads. The two screenshots on the right show our text app with a banner ad and a fullscreen screenshot with an interstitial ad. We may add more if needed, so please try and let us know.

Please notice that if you ask your clients for $1 in-app purchase to remove ads, you may make more money from that customer than with ads. But ads are great for a free application with thousands of users of course.

ProgressDialog functions for iOS

In the upcoming MBS Xojo Plugins in version 22.5, we add new classes to show a ProgressView. Check out what you can do with ProgressHUDMBS class:

As you see, we support determinate and indeterminate (value set to negative) with two labels below. The look can be switched between round or bar for showing progress, indeterminate circle animation and colors can be adjusted.

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