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Better regular expressions.

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Our MBS Xojo RegEx Plugin provides an alternative RegEx class to Xojo with a few differences to the built in class:

  • Better handling of text encodings.
  • Much faster Replace/Replaceall operations.
  • More options to configure.
  • Multithreading support.
  • Can work on String and Memoryblocks.
  • Dynamical limit of subpatterns.
  • Info functions to query details on generated state machine.
  • More recent PCRE library version.
  • Disassemble function to debug pattern.
  • Full unicode support including using unicode escapes.


The newer PCRE2 library offers better performance and a modern API.

  • Written for UTF-8 encoding.
  • Much faster Replace/Replaceall operations.
  • More options to configure.
  • Full unicode support including using unicode escapes.
  • Just-in-time compiler.


Use PCRE2 to compile a pattern, do a match an inspect result:

Dim Compiler As New PCRE2CompilerMBS

// find numbers
compiler.Pattern = "(\d+)([$€£]?)"

Dim code As PCRE2CodeMBS = Compiler.Compile

// prepare reuable match object
Dim Match As New PCRE2MatchDataMBS(code)

// now run a match
Dim Text As String = "Täst 1234€ Case"
Dim n As Integer = code.Match(Text, match)

// get result found
Dim TotalSubString As String = match.SubString(0)
Dim SubString1 As String = match.SubString(1)
Dim SubString2 As String = match.SubString(2)

break // see debugger

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