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Download and Upload class. Protocols: ftp, ftps, sftp, http, https, gopher, telnet, dict, ldap and file. Send and receive emails.

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  • HTTP queries to download files from the web.
  • HTTP POST/PUT operations, useful for sending forms or accessing Web services.
  • Full SSL support with security, e.g. verify certificate and identity of server.
  • FTP, FTP via SSL (FTPS) and FTP via SSH (SFTP) fully supported.
  • Run additional commands for FTP like rename, delete or change permissions.
  • Send emails via SMTP/SMPTS.
  • Query emails via POP3/IMAP/POP3S/IMAPS.
  • Plugin provides functions to run transfer in background on preemptive helper thread.
  • Upload/Downloads directly with File I/O to minimize memory footprint.
  • Verbose debug messages to help debugging.

Works with MacOS, iOS, Windows and Linux for Desktop, Mobile, Console and Web.

This plugin has two set of classes:

  • CURLMBS without S in name:
    The plugin loads the curl library from DLL file.
    On Windows you need to call LoadLibrary function and pass path to curl.dll, on Mac OS X and Linux we either load the default library in /usr/lib/ or you load a specific version you tell the plugin.
  • CURLSMBS with S in name:
    The plugin includes curl library as part of plugin.
    On linux still a few libraries must be installed like ldap library.
  • CURLNMBS with N in name:
    The plugin uses the native SSL from MacOS and Windows.
    On linux we use the installed curl library.

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