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The plugin for Apple's AVFoundation framework. Record, load and edit assets, export and convert, play and extract. The preferred framework for audio and video on Mac OS X.

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This plugin requires other plugin installed to build applications:

  • MBS Main Plugin
  • MBS MacBase Plugin
  • MBS MacCG Plugin
  • MBS MacCocoa Plugin
  • MBS MacControls Plugin
  • MBS MacCF Plugin

This plugin part is included if you order a Complete set license.

The MBS plugin covers the whole AVFoundation framework.

  • Full coverage of framework in plugin.
  • Provides all blocks as events in central AVFoundationMBS class.
  • All callbacks are scheduled to run on main thread as Xojo runtime is not reentrant safe.
  • Plugin allows use of Memoryblocks, Folderitem, Dictionary and other Xojo classes and maps internally to Cocoa classes.
  • Plugin adds convenience functions and methods, e.g. saving images in background to disk.
  • All events can pass a tag value, e.g. a number, object or string. This way you can pass a reference value into event code and know which item caused event.
  • Plugin performs optionally conversion of still images to JPEG on the helper thread, so it does not block main thread.
  • Access to underlaying AVPlayer object for MoviePlayer control.
  • Access to underlaying AVAsset object for Movie class.

See also AV Foundation Framework Reference on Apple website.

Some classes in this plugin can only be used if you also install/license the Cocoa, Leopard and MacOSX plugins.

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This plugin needs other plugins installed:

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