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Connect to MongoDB databases directly.

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MongoDB is an open source cross platform NoSQL database to store JSON-like documents.

Instead of tables, you have collections and your records are JSON documents.

  • Connect to MongoDB databases.
  • Insert documents into collections.
  • Update or delete documents.
  • Find documents.
  • Estimate number of documents in a collection.


Connect to a database and insert a record:

const URL = "mongodb://localhost/"

dim uri as new MongoURIMBS(URL)
dim client as new MongoClientMBS(uri)

dim database as MongoDatabaseMBS = client.Database("local")
dim Collection as MongoCollectionMBS = database.Collection("test")

dim j as new JSONItem
j.Value("Hello") = "World"

dim reply as string = Collection.InsertOne(j.ToString)

// reply is { "insertedCount" : 1 }




MongoDB is a registered trademark of MongoDB, Inc. and is not affiliated with Monkeybread Software. We just provide functionality for Xojo to connect and use Mongo databases from your applications.

The Mongo C Driver is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004.

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