The MBS Xojo (Real Studio) DynaPDF Plugin

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Create, import and modify PDF files on Mac, Windows and Linux. Includes PDF split and merge, fonts embedding and text extraction

MBS DynaPDF Plugin.pdf 4.1M
MBS DynaPDF Plugin.dmg 41M

Starter License: 149 Euro,
Lite License: 449 Euro,
Pro License: 799 Euro,
Enterprise License: 1299 Euro
Plus VAT if required.

This plugin part is not included if you buy a Complete license. You can use it independend of all the other plugins.

DynaPDF 3.0 is available

The development of DynaPDF 3.0 is done. If you still have a DynaPDF 2.x license and you want to upgrade, please contact us.

Updated often

As DynaPDF evolves quickly, please sign up to our mailing list. Once a new DynaPDF Version is available, we quickly update our plugins and provide newer plugin files and examples in our prerelease versions.


Our plugin versions 12.0 updates the DynaPDF plugin for new alpha channel pictures. Check release notes for other changes included updates for Cocoa and web edition. Also as a plugin user you regularly receive the update notes on DynaPDF library.

Works with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux for Desktop, Console and Web.

Linux: For linux, please tell DynaPDF where to find the fonts.

Yearly updates cost around 10% of the original price. Your update starts when the last license ended, not when at the purchase date of the update!

This plugin can be used stand alone. You do not need another plugin license or a license from to use it.

DynaPDF Starter vs. Lite vs. Pro vs. Enterprise

Documentation files for DynaPDF 3 are included in our plugin examples download.

License note: Our plugin price includes the platform licenses for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. For C/C++ those platforms are sold separately. And if you do development in C/C++, you can also order your license with support for iOS, Android, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris or OS400.

For your information:

The MBS REALbasic DynaPDF Plugin includes a cross-platform unlimited DynaPDF license. A DynaPDF Pro license cross-platform costs alone 1099 Euro. But in order to actually compile your own plugin, you would need source code which requires an Enterprise license for 1249 Euro.


Watch tutorial videos:

ThumbnailPie Chart Creator

Example project source code
PieChartCreator project files
(Mac OS X, Windows and Linux)

27:42 minutes
ThumbnailA table in a PDF

Example project source code
TablePDF project file
(Mac OS X, Linux and Windows)

19:17 minutes
ThumbnailSigned PDFs

Example project source code
SignedPDFs project file
(Mac OS X, Linux and Windows)

4:42 minutes

Example project source code
Letter project file
(Mac OS, Windows and Linux)

6:36 minutes

Example project source code
DynaPDF project file
(Mac OS X, Windows and Linux)

11:24 minutes

Example project source code
CombinePDFs project file
(Mac OS X, Windows and Linux)

4:58 minutes

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