The MBS Xojo (Real Studio) MacOSX Plugin

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Mac OS X only stuff: DVD Playback, Growl, CoreImage, CoreAudio, LaunchServices, ImageCapture, Loginitems, Bonjour, CoreFoundation and CoreGraphics

MBS MacOSX Plugin.pdf 4.1M
MBS MacOSX Plugin.dmg 50M

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This plugin part is included if you buy a Complete set license.

Please note: Currently the MacOSX plugin part is split into two parts: MacOSX and MacOSXCF. The CF part has all the CoreFoundation/CoreGraphics functions. You need to install both as they depend on each other.


Watch tutorial videos:

ThumbnailImage Capture

Example project source code
ImageCapture project
(Mac OS X)

4:50 minutes

Example project source code
Sparkle project file
(Mac OS X)

8:46 minutes

Example project source code
CGS project file
(Mac OS X 10.4 or newer)

11:26 minutes

Example project source code
Bonjour project file
(Mac OS X and Windows)

7:50 minutes

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